Who we are

Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance (EITESAL ) is a private sector, non-profit entity of ICTE companies, Multi-national corporations, Organizations and Institutions operating in Egypt. EITESAL is working under the Egyptian Civil Organizations law 84/2002.



EITESAL will be the main driver leading the development, promotion and transformation of the Egyptian ICTE industry.


EITESAL will help in developing and implementing a strategy for the evolution of Egypt’s ICTE industry, improving the business environment for members by promoting their local and international interests and by creating a strong and positive synergy among Egyptian industry stakeholders
Brief History
  • 1997

    EITSAL was born on 1997 as non-government organization with the name of “The Egyptian High Tech. Association”, EHITA. The first founding General Assembly was held in Thebes hall in Semiramis intercontinental hotel on November 1997. For the next 6 years, we were striving to survive, deliver services to our community, but we remained limited in volume and resources


  • 2004

    On 2004 another small NGO, Egyptian Software Alliance, ESA decided to merge with EHITA to form the first  private non-profit civil organization NGO called “EITESAL ” to represent the whole ICTE industry in Egypt. Starting with 43 members, our membership has grown to reach 390 members in year 2014.


  • 2007

    Being members in the World IT Services Association, we were capable to organize the first GPPC 2007 held in the MENA region.


  • 2009

    In response to our members’ needs, EITESAL  successfully launched the Centralized professional service program (CPS) to its members.


  • 2010

    EITESAL  jointly with ITIDA & ORACLE launched one of the largest capacity building programs by training over 350 employees on ORACLE technology.


  • 2012

    With our position in the Egyptian ICTE community is getting more profound, we started to go to Africa and formed the African ICT Association together with other 6 African nations. Five other nations joined AFICTA.
    Established EITESAL  Senior Executive Academy to enrich senior and middle management core competencies with focus on SMEs aiming to enhance overall organizational competitiveness.

  • 2013

    During year 2013, EITESAL  started to expand outside Greater Cairo region to fulfill its role and mission as the leading NGO representing Egyptian ICTE industry. Three chapters are now operating; DTA in Mansoura, ASITA in Alexandria, and Etisal Assiut in Upper Egypt.  
    Within the strategic role of EITESAL  to pursue funding opportunities to members, we launched the new program “Investment Readiness Program(IRP)”.

Board of directors

EITSAL was born on 1997 with the name of “The Egyptian High Tech. Association”, EHITA. We already remember that day sitting in Thebes hall in Semir amis intercontinental hotel with few companies gathering to form the new organization. Remembering Atef Helmy, Ahmed Bahgat, Hashem Zohair, Walid Gad, Mohamed Shedeed, Adel Adib,…and many others forming the first General Assembly of ...

Hazem El Tahawy, Chairman


Hazem El Tahawy



Mentor Graphics

Alaa Elkhishen

Vice president



Assem Wahby

Secretary General

3 Years in Board


Alaa Abou El Soud


1 Years in Board


Hossam Megahed



IP Magix

Essam El Gohary


1 Years in Board


Tarek Abd El-Moneem


10 Years in Board

Red Sea Lovers

Mokbel Fayyad




Reem Asaad



Raya Data Center

Amgad Kaldas



ARK Development
Executive Team

Mohamed Shedeed

Managing Director



Mohsen Amer

Financial & Admin Manager



Amany Hussein

Marketing & Engagement Manager



Ashraf Ali

Entrepreneurship and Innovation manager


+20 100 6222105

Adel Abdelrazek

Operation Team Leader



Hoda Nofal

Business Development Team Leader



Shaimaa Nour

Project manager


+20 1027 111132

Mohamed Mostafa

Senior Membership and Engagement Executive



Sally Adel

Senior Marketing Executive



Ibrahim Fekry

Marketing Executive



Ibrahim Asser

Senior Technical Executive


+20 106 933 0736

Mohamed Abdalah

Marketing & Engagement Officer



Mohamed Sobhy

Accounting Team leader



Mahmoud Shokry

Senior Technical Officer EBNI Incubator


0 111 520 55 68

Mona Mostafa

Business Development Officer


+20 1002279469

Ragab AbdElatty

Accounting Assistant



Monica Samir

Admin Executive


+20 1026390006

Ahmed Desouky

Admin Assistant


Caroline Adel

Junior Accountant



Yasser El-Nagar

Admin Assistant


Rabiee Fathy

Assist Services


Hossam Moustafa

Assist Services

Policy And Bylaws

EITESAL bylaws are the written rules for conduct of EITESAL association. Bylaws includes guidelines for meetings, elections of a board of directors and officers, filling vacancies, notices, types and duties of officers, committees, assessments and other important conduct areas. Bylaws are, in effect a contract among members, and must be formally adopted and/or amended. EITESAL follow a strict bylaws re-enforcement practice to ensure sustainability and application of its mission, vows, goals, and governance.

Goals and activities

EITESAL Strategic Goals Advocacy

Participation in planning of
future national projects in the area of ICTE

Providing industrial,
marketing, and markets trends reports

Playing an active role in the
process of decision making and policy
strategic planning

Augmenting multi-stake
holders approaches

International Reach

  • Encouraging exports and international marketing of Egyptian products
  • Create Bilateral relations with similar int’l NGO’s
  • Field Training on business development in targeted markets
  • Attending international conferences & exhibitions in different areas of business.

Members’ Empowerment

  • Focus on SME’s capacity building
  • Work with funding institutions either venture capital or foreign direct investment
  • Non-conventional, state-of-art executive training
  • Career building for careers lacking in the market; e.g., export management, complex s/w

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Stimulate and facilitate innovation entrepreneurship and creation of IP in ICTE industry
  • Contribute to Egypt’s applied research & development
  • Boosting up ICTE industry productivity
  • Joint technology sessions between Universities and industry’s CTO’s
  • Capacity building to encourage activities in robotics & mobile apps

Industry Readiness

the technical competencies
of the ICTE industry

Conduct seminars and participate
in events to make members aware of the
new trends in ICTE technologies and the
challenges in the market

Build Awareness for members companies through
joint programs with key national &
international technology
vendors and
in Egypt

EITESAL Activities

Advocacy and Government Affairs

Improving the legal and regulatory environment of the
Egyptian ICTE sector through various efforts.

Working to fulfill EITESAL ’s aim of being the most recognized
entity to protect and promote for its members a flexible,
business-friendly and attractive legislative environment
that fosters continuous growth of companies and
encourages foreign direct investments and
start-ups as well as providing dispute
resolution services.

Industry Development:

Supporting, promoting, and developing the Egyptian ICTE sector. These activities will revolve around understanding the existing obstacles and impediments to the sector’s development and addressing those issues. EITESAL will aim to be the only fully private sector association to promote the development of the Egyptian ICTE sector. Through activities such as defining industry standards, ensuring training in these global standards, and providing soft and technical skills training to ICTE companies. EITESAL will work to be the sole access point for all issues related to Egypt’s ICTE industry development. Finally, EITESAL will have strategic partnerships with local universities to promote the development of future generations within the ICTE sector. Building bridges between academia and the private sector will also be a main goal of these activities.

Community Awareness and Networking:

  • Promoting EITESAL ’s strategic objectives Providing valuable networking opportunities.
  • Producing opportunities for networking within the community at large.
  • Establishing strong relations with the media and building their capacity to report on the ICTE sector and effectively convey ICTE developments to the public.
  • Working closely with the MCIT and other government entities to conduct national public awareness events to promote EITESAL in all governorates..

International Affairs and Export Promotion:

  • Positioning Egypt in the global market as a reliable ICTE outsourcing hub.
  • Achieving Egypt’s national goal of increasing Egyptian ICTE exports.
  • Organizing EITESAL members participation in international conference, trade shows and exhibitions to ensure Egypt’s strong presence in key ICTE global events.
  • Ensuring EITESAL becomes a member in key strategic global ICTE associations to forge global strategic partnerships.
CoreValues of EITESAL
  • Integrity and honesty in all our relations within the association, with partners, and members
  • Focus on members to deliver the suitable services with quality.
  • Open and respectful with members and dedicated to making them better
  • Willingness to take on big challenges for the association to grow
  • Self-critical, questioning, and committed to ICTE community
  • Fully transparent to the members and is always very much open to the participants / beneficiaries especially about information.
  • We never try to hide any information to the stakeholders we are working with.
  • Fully compliant to the laws & regulations.
  • Funding sources are explicitly mentioned in the annual financial report.
  • To guarantee & strengthen relationship and mutual cooperation with all members; we vow to deliver the following membership package fairly and transparently
  • Divisions are formed to discuss specific issues, problems and difficulties that need to be advocated within the governmental agencies.
  • Being a division member, the member will share his views & suggestions of EITESAL action plans.
  • Building Capacity-training programs (funded or complementary) to improve the business and technological environment for members.
  • Assisting members in their marketing efforts in circulating their
  • products/ services to all members via EITESAL portal.
  • Providing Access to reliable information on EITESAL Portal.
  • Developing your human resources through EITESAL HR Committee activities.
  • Providing professional services that help you cut costs in consultation.
  • Quality benefits program discounts that are offered by service providers for EITESAL Members.