EITESAL Divisions and Groups

What is a Division

Formed on sectorial basis, divisions are setup from member companies having the same core business. The division have an active and influential role in accomplishing EITESAL 's mission and strategic objectives, each in its line of business. All member companies' representatives form divisions each in its own sector; hence, enabling down to earth problem solving

Division Roles
  • Increasing the market volume and the market share available and accessible to the Member companies.
  • Assisting the member companies in acquiring and building competent and capable infrastructure and in-house resources to be ready for the market demand.
  • Providing a platform for cooperation and exchange of benefits and interests among the member companies.
  • Enhancing the availability of and the quality of information needed by member companies for conducting their business and endeavor to enhance the business environment.
How it works

Each division elects a Chair, Co-Chair and selects a Steering Committee.
A Senior Coordinator is assigned to serve the division objectives, facilitate its meetings, register the minutes of the meetings and conducts reports.

To initiate an activity or accomplish a mission, the division may form one or more taskforce(s) from its members. By nature, taskforces have limited durations depending on their degree of responsibility and commitment.


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