Arab Technopreneurship Day


The Arab technology business plan competition can be a start for the Arabian entrepreneurs to present their innovations to the market.

  • Arab business plan competition’s objectives:

1) Create more awareness on potential opportunities in technology startups and recognize innovative and outstanding technology business ideas and plans. 
2) Develop entrepreneurial skills for the participants and help them in developing their business plan. 
3) Increase investments in Arab technology startups by providing Arab investors with diverse & well selected group of startups to invest in.


The Arab Technology Business Plan Competition is a regional business plan competition organized by Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF).
The competition aims to provide the Arabian Entrepreneurs with tools to nurture their startups’ technology and turn the technology into business opportunities.
The Arab Technology Business Plan competition is considered an opportunity for venture capitals and investors who seeking potential entrepreneurs and investment opportunities in the Arab region within the technology and science fields.
Arab technology business plan competition encourages the Arab youth to present their own start-ups ideas business plan in front of venture capitals fund investors which gave them the chance to turn those ideas to business through financial funds from the Arab entrepreneur, which give the Arab youth more passion for searching and invent in the new technologies fields and not waiting for routine governmental vacancies.


1) Information & Communication Technology.
2) Design Methodologies and EDA.
3) Embedded Systems.
4) Business Planning.
5) Life Science.
6) Education.
7) Electronics.
8) Energy.
9) Environment and Clean Technology.
10) Semiconductors.
11) Water and Desalinization.


From 9/30/2014 9:30:00 AM
To 9/30/2014 10:00:00 PM


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