IRAQ Market

session outlines:

  • Iraq is a Major country in the Middle East with huge human and economical capital.
  • Iraq has been in political instability and war since 1981.
  • Iraq is now rebuilding its future and catching up with the world.
  • ICT sector has huge areas of development in all of its sectors Infra structure, equipment, technology, applications.
  • Let us explore together the opportunities and challenges of ICT business in Iraq.


Areas covered:

  • Iraq the people and the economy
  • Understanding the current political situation and its impact on economy and business
  • The ICT segment status
  • SWOT analysis for Egyptian companies
  • Applicable business models.


About Speaker

Mr. Mohamed El- Shahed’s :

Mohamed El Shahed is an Electronic Engineer. Graduated from Ain Shams University 1990 and since then has been involved in Medical equipment and software application development businesses and the interaction between them. He is the Co-Founder and General Manager of National Technology. A software development firm dedicated to healthcare solution across the Middle East and operating in 10 countries.



From 8/22/2017 4:00:00 PM
To 8/22/2017 6:00:00 PM