Service Description

Training Services

EITESAL provides training courses to the members, either on member’s site or in cooperation with training providers. Particular training programs could be delivered by EITESAL based on specific members’ requirements as long as it does not compete with the member training providers. Foreign trainers with solid reputation in their fields could be contracted by EITESAL to deliver top-notch knowledge.

  1. Capacity building of members is one of the pillars of EITESAL strategic activities.
  2. Training providers could offer their own programs through EITESAL portal with special rate to Eitesal members.
  3. Every training course is evaluated by the trainees and the evaluation is uploaded on the portal.
  4. Evaluation data is published on the portal for future reference.
  5. The selection of the training provider for particular course delivery is based on transparent competitive bidding.
Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility & Rules

  1. Trainee should be company member employee
  2. Minimum number of attendees per class is 10
  3. Payment of annual subscription is a must to enjoy any cost benefits
  4. Course Fees should be paid at least 5 days before the start date.
  5. Course cancellation is accepted until 48 hours of the start.
  6. In case of more registrations the rule of first come first serve.
  7. In case the evaluation of the trainer is less than 70%, the course will be repeated at no additional cost.