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EiTESAL for Information & Communication Technology is Egypt’s foremost private non-profit organization that has been actively and powerfully supporting the ICT industry in Egypt since 2004. It has played a significant and vital role in building and developing the ICT sector in the last 20 years.

is specialized in building networks, supporting innovation, empowering development, and offering a vast array of growth opportunities for small, medium, and large ICT enterprises operating in Egypt.

"We represent the Egyptian ICT enterprises & community nationally and internationally. EiTESAL works hand in hand with ICT companies and also works for them to pave their way to growth and prosperity."


Prevail as the unique powerful & effective civil organization supporting innovation and growth of the ICT industry in Egypt.


Help the industry to be creative, innovative, responsive to new challenges, and competitive. Play an active role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem nationally & regionally.
Work with the government to support policy-making to enable the industry to meet its growth aspirations and address concerns if any.

Our History


EiTESAL was born in 1997 as a non-government organization and was initially named “The Egyptian High Tech. Association”, EHITA. The first founding General Assembly was held in Thebes Hall in Semiramis intercontinental hotel on November 1997. For the following 6 years, we strive to survive and deliver services to our community. However, despite all of our efforts, we remained limited in volume and resources.

Few small NGOs joined together to form the largest Civil organisation representing the ICT industry.

USAID fund agreement.

Joining the World Information &Telecom & software Association WITSA.

Organizing WITSA GPPC 2007 attended by 37 countries.

International Match Making event in Canada attended by (13) Egyptian companies

Founding the African ICT Association AfICTA.

Organising the first AfICTA Summit attended by 14 countries.

EiTESAL Rebranding.

The first EU partnering with 11 Associations in 8 Mediterenean countries “Regulation & Societal Challenges”

Launching Innovation & entrepreneurship Project EBNI

Founding Borg AL Arab Innovation Cluster.

Joining Heliopolis University & SEKEM to incubaye 40 startups in different verticals.

Founding the Arab ICT Union, joining consortium of 6 Arab Countries.

Establish 3 centers of excellence for automotive industry.

Joining the Global Semiconductor Association GSA.

GSA – Egypt chapter conference.

Launch GIZ cooperation.

Our Commitment

  • Deliver membership packages fairly and transparently.
  • Provide a safe environment for division members to share their views and suggestions for EITESAL action plans.
  • Exert all the effort needed to develop capacity-building programs to improve members' business and technological environment.
  • Assist members in their marketing efforts and circulating their products/ services to other members via the EITESAL portal.
  • Provide open access to reliable information on EITESAL Portal.
  • Offer qualified, valuable program discounts for EITESAL members from different service providers.

Our Values

  • Integrity and honesty: To validate integrity and honesty in all our relations within the association, partners, and members.
  • Accuracy: To focus on the needs of each member and to deliver the suitable and specific services they exactly need.
  • Dedication: To be dedicated to serving and empowering EiTESAL members, and supporting them with the services needed to boost their businesses.
  • Commitment: To be fully compliant with the laws and regulations
  • Willingness:To keep growing the association through expanding in new markets, providing unique solutions and forming new alliances
  • Transparency:To be fully transparent with the members and always be open with our different stakeholders.


  • EiTESAL is not only the Voice of the ICT Industry but also an organization driven by a vision and passion to “Fulfill the Promise of the Digital Age.”
  • You have access to the most influential ICT business network, in addition to divisional networking meetings.
  • EiTESAL has strong partnerships with internationally recognized institutions to create export opportunities
  • Get access to matchmaking opportunities with national & international peers. Connecting the dots is the key success factor in EiTESAL community. Egyptian ICTians relate to international gateways, and uprising start-ups can access outstanding opportunities.
  • Whether you are a thriving enterprise or a newly established start-up, EiTESAL provides you with knowledge, skills and access to finances.
  • EiTESAL supports your business and employees with funds up to 80% Yes! EiTESAL offers you international exposure through its wide range of connections in Africa, GCC, and globally.


A strong organization means a strong team. Our team's accumulative experience of hundreds of years in the young industry provides our members with the tools and skillset needed to achieve their goals faster, setting them or success.

Chairman Word

Dear Members,
The journey from 2004 until today has been very challenging and fulfilling. Yet, with our loyal members and supportive partners, we were able to achieve our goals and help ICT companies all over the region. We have faith that the best is yet to come, and the future holds great potential for our industry.

Egypt economic and political landscape is changing radically, and EiTESAL is adapting fast, empowering this change and contributing to the goals of Egypt’s 2030 strategy. We are paving the way for companies to contribute to Digital Egypt initiatives.

We aim to empower innovation, industry development and national transformation through a robust strategy with a clear vision and mission. However, there is more that still needs to be done, especially in bridging the gap between the global and local market and supporting companies to develop competitive products to compete worldwide, building a better tomorrow for the ICT industry in Egypt.
A complete set of new fresh services and programs are now being launched to serve the ICT sector in Egypt. The new board strategy has four main pillars.

  • The first pillar is organizational resilience with the strategic objective to increase EiTESAL sustainability.
  • The second pillar is membership services, new programs will be delivered and current ones are now under restructuring.
  • The third pillar will be a collaboration between EITESAL and governmental, academic, or international entities to serve EiTESAL’s goal to provide exposure for our members under our slogan “CONNECTING THE DOTS”.
  • The fourth pillar is the innovation progression interacting with the ecosystem.
    As technology is changing and new technologies are emerging, the new board is committed to excelling in serving you over the years to come.

Hossam Megahed, Chairman

Board of Directors

Hossam Megahed

EiTESAL Chairman

Assem Wahby

Business Consultant, ACT
Vice Chairman

Shahir Boshra

Regulatory & Government Relations, ORANGE
Secretary General

Mohammed Ali Saeed


Hossam Ragheb

Executive off. Member

Hala Aranda

Director, Amazon
Board member

Hani Elgebaly

CEO, Avidbeam
Board member

Hicham Arafa

COO, Brightskies
Board member

Hisham Dinana

V.P. & CEO EFESO Consulting
Board Member

Hisham Haddara

Chairman, Si-ware
Board member

Dr. Mohamed Eissa

CEO, Etisal Int’l
Board member

Mohamed Mohsen

CEO, Si-vision
Board member

Mostafa Elwakeel

CEO, Biobusiness
Board member

Osama Sorour

CEO, Giza Systems
Board Member

Ramy Kato

Country Mgr., VOIS
Board member

Executive Team

Mohamed Shedeed

Managing Director

Mohsen Amer

Financial Mgr

Ashraf Ali

Innovation Mgr.

Amany Hussein

Marketing Mgr.

Hoda Nofal

Monitoring & Evaluation Team Leader

Adel Abdelrazek

Operation Team Leader

Mohamed Sobhy

Accounting manager

Shaimaa Nour

Project manager

Mona Mahmoud

Senior Business Development Officer

Caroline Adel

Senior Accountant

Sally Adel

Senior Marketing Executive

Mohamed Abdalah

Senior Membership officer

Ragab Abdelatty

Accounting Clerk

Medhat Nahed

Executive Manager, Borg Al Arab Innovation Cluster

Esraa Mohamed Ibrahim

HR Specialist

Osama Salman

Technical Executive and EBNI labs manager

Amira Hussein

Embedded Software Engineer

Mohannad Shalaby

Admin Executive at Ebni Incubator.

Adel Abdelfattah

Senior operation Officer

Ahmed Desouky


Rabiee Fathy

Assist Services

Yasser Elnagar

Admin Assistant

Hossam Moustafa

Assist Services

Leadership History

Dr. Hazem El Tahawy

2013 - 2022

Tarek EL Hemaily

2008 - 2013

Walid GAD

2004 - 2008

Magdy Kamal Khairallah

2000 - 2004

Mohamed Hamamsy

1997 - 2000