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International Technology Mission Service

This program allows EiTESAL Members to nominate important international exhibitions and conferences related to their industry, then to enabl them to participate in these events and expand their global presence. This opportunity provides valuable prospects for networking, knowledge exchange, and business growth."

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a registered ICT company in EiTESAL.
  • The core business of the company should be related to the requested exhibition and/or provide a clear purpose for attending the exhibition/conference.
Selection Process 
  • The service will be provided on a "first come, first serve" basis
  • EiTESAL will support 6 companies quarterly with a total of 24 different companies yearly.
  • The selected companies will be announced on quarterly basis. 
Funding Policy

Funding Categories:


Membership in EiTESAL

1st year2nd yearStarting of 3rd year
Category A & B20%30%40%
Max. fund amount in EGP15 k20 k30 k
Category C & D30%40%50%
Max. fund amount in EGP20 k30 k35 k
Required Documents:
  • Travel ticket "economy".
  • Copy of the passports with the departure arrival stamps.
  • Accommodation invoice.
  • Exhibition entrance ticket.
  • Any other relevant costs.

Funding Allocation and Disbursement:

  • Approved applicants will receive funding in accordance with their company category.
  • Applicants are required upon return to submit a post-event report, encompassing an overview of their participation, outcomes achieved, and lessons learned.
  • EiTESAL will disburse funds to selected applicants upon submission of relevant invoices or receipts, following the receipt of funds from ITIDA, our funding agency.

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