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About Dr. Tarek Kamel Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

About the Award
To honor the memory and name of Dr. Tarek Kamel, former Minister of MCIT, his fellows, classmates, and fans decided to establish a trust fund to award a yearly prize to the best innovative idea or emerging company in the field of communications and information technology under the name of "Dr. Tarek Kamel Award".

The prize will be announced on the annual EiTESAL’s anniversary in the presence and participation of the family of Dr. Tarek Kamel.

General terms and conditions

  • That the idea/start-up company serves one of the telecommunications and information technology fields.
  • It will provide a technological solution that benefits the community. (Technology-enabled solution serving the community).
  • The participant has the right to submit only one idea/startup.
  • Proof of concept is needed.
  • Emerging/start-up companies that have not been formally established for more than 3 years.
  • Submission of a feasibility study/business plan.
  • In the case of participation of foreign ownership, the ownership of the company must be at least 51% for the Egyptians.
  • The company has never had more than one investment cycle.
  • Using any external party to prepare documents and application forms is not permissible.
  • The idea/emerging company has not won any other similar contests or prizes.

How to apply:

  • Fill in the subscription form.
  • Provide a report about the company idea of no more than 3 pages written in English. (Font size 12 & line spacing 1.15).
  • Provide URL for a 2/3-minute video describing the idea/company technology.

Evaluation Criteria:

1Scope and scope of the project10%
2The originality of the idea/startup and the level of creativity in it15%
3The level of innovation and creativity25%
4Consequences (economics and technology)25%
5Impact measurement (economical, environmental, quality of life, productivity, happiness indicators, job opportunities, etc.)25%
6The idea has patent / scientific research published for the idea10% Extra