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About Alamein Robotics Championship

Alamein Robotics Championship is an international annual robotics festival hosted in New Alamein city that holds global, regional, and local competitions’ finals side by side to project fairs, talks and speeches, and other side events.

ARC includes the following competitions:

  • Metal Monsters (MM) the leading robot fight league in the form of competition finals and a robot fight show
  • Mine sweepers (MS) towards a landmine-free world international final
  • UWR Challenges - series of annual Underwater Robotics that includes ROV, AUV and Sea Perch (SP).

Championship Objectives

  • Create a competitive environment between local, regional and international students to enhance their skills and competencies in various fields of robotics, including ground, marine and industrial, to develop the skills and competencies of Egyptian youth in multiple areas and sectors
  • Provide a practical experiment that students can go through and learn from it
  • Introduce the Artificial intelligence in the autonomous robotics system developed by the teams
  • Introduce Alamein city as a new hub for new technology and innovation in Egypt and the Mediterranean.

Founding Partner

  • ASRT


  • Borg Al Arab Innovation Cluster
  • Arab Academy for Science & Technology
  • Egyptian Japanese University
  • Alamein International university

Alamein Robotics Championship Stakeholder’s