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eTD program is one of the EiTESAL services designed to support the long-term sustainable growth of ICT enterprises in Egypt by providing practical training programs for young talents. Highly esteemed consultants with vast experience and academics offer this hands contemporary training to job seekers through the eTD program.

eTD is your Company Capacity Building and Development Partner

  • eTD provides highly effective programs to improve teams’ technical and managerial skills of ICT companies through an integrated set of training courses and workshops.
  • We offer customized training programs on the members’ distinctive requirements and needs.
  • We have professionally equipped training venues available upon request.
  • Provide career path awareness sessions for (STEM) students and fresh graduates in collaboration with Egyptian universities and educational institutions.
Who delivers the training?
  • Training programs are delivered by EITESAL based on specific members’ requirements as long as it does not compete with the member training providers.
  • International renowned trainers with substantial reputations in their fields could be contracted by EITESAL to deliver top-notch knowledge.
  • EiTESAL training division members could offer their own programs through the EITESAL portal at a special rate to other EiTESAL members.
  • The selection of training providers for particular course delivery is based on transparent, competitive bidding.
eTD Process
  • Attendees will be given priority over others who have not paid for the course because registering requires payment of the course fee.
  • Pay by the due date to avoid having your registration rejected.
  • registration cancellation is accepted until 2 working days before the beginning of the course, So No refund
  • EiTESAL is in charge of providing the course with the announced outlines.
ETD Funding Policy:
CategoryLarge Companies "A"Medium Companies "B"Small Companies "C"Ultra-Small Companies "D"
Fund Ratio40%50%60%70%
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